Music based on Abacaba Patterns
by Michael Naylor, 2002

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ABACABADABACABA (Piano Solo). This 64 second piece is the abacabadabaca pattern being played solo on the piano.  The notes climb one octave from middle A to high A at the rate of 4 notes per second.  This file is in mp3 format. (Note: if your browser does not recognize mp3 format, hold down your mouse button on the link and choose "download link to disk" or "Save link as...")

DOWNLOAD Abacabadabacaba (Piano Solo, 1.0 Megs, mp3 format)

ABACABADABACABA (Full Orchestration) Here is the 4:16 digitally recorded orchestration (256 seconds).  The piece features 5 instrumental voices and a percussion section.  Abacabadabacaba patterns are embedded throughout  Listen for strings that play the abacaba pattern in many variations, including upside down (for example, at 1:04).  There are two sets of bongos playing in the song, one set sounds to the left and the other to the right.  At certain times in the song (1:04, 3:12, 3:44), a series of cymbal clashes announces the start of a binary count where each triplet of drum beats corresponds to a digit 0 or 1.  The drums play sixteen 4-digit numbers, with a cymbal clash dividing the beats into groups of four digits, or drum bursts.  Abacabadabacaba patterns are embedded in stereo panning, where the sound will move from side to side according to the pattern, and various percussion instruments near the end of the song are sequenced in the pattern.  You can probably find the pattern in a couple of other places in the song, too.  For best results, use headphones.

DOWNLOAD Abacabadabacaba (Full orchestration, 3.9 Megs, mp3 format)