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Abacaba...Z...abacaba is the longest word in the universe.  And it's everywhere.
All About Abacaba.  Download the 13-page article about this amazing pattern with its surprising connections to:
  • Geometry & Fractals
  • Number Systems
  • Hyperspace
  • Art & Music
  • Poetry & Puzzles
  • a lot more!
Browse the Library.  External link to Mike Naylor's Abacaba Books at lulu.com:

Maggie and the Abacaba Genies.

Full color story book with integrated puzzles and 8 pages of incredible math activities, ages 8-108.  Read the abridged version online.

Abacaba Unabridged.  (caution: do not buy this book!)

The complete word all the way to Z, and back.  4 volumes.  26 chapters.  Each chapter is twice the length of the previous.  (In which volume would you find Chapter 25?)  An incredible publication that no one would ever read, especially since most of the series is printed in 4-point font in 8.5" x 11" books.  That was the only way to fit the entire word into four 400-page volumes.

Yes, it is a truly bizarre item, but it is also the unofficial world-record longest published word, giving these books "cultural value." This 4 volume set is the perfect gift for yourself if you're the kind of person who doesn't really know what to spend your money on.  Download this one page for free. See, one page really is enough. 

Abacaba Illustrated.

The pocket version, contains the first 1 million letters, with 30 illustrations... can you puzzle out the connection to abacaba in each?  At 217 pages, this book is a much more sensible alternative to Abacbaba UnabridgedPreview the first 13 pages of this unusual book.

Abacaba Activities.  Download 23 pages of classroom lessons, extensions, and blackline masters.
Download Music.  Listen to music based on abacaba patterns: a piano solo and a fully-orchestrated version.  Download for free, or order the music on CD.


email: abacaba@gmail.com

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